About me

Hello there 👋, I am Aibol!

Aibol sitting in a sushi restaurantHappy me preparing to eat sushi 😋


I am a Software Engineer from a Central Asian country called Kazakhstan. I am doing software development professionally since 2016, though I wrote my first lines of C++ code back in 2008 when I started preparing for ACM contests. Currently, I work for one of those FAANG companies.

A little more...

For most of my life, I lived in Kazakhstan. In 2017, I relocated first time to Belarus. I worked for a big outsourcing company called EPAM Systems. And after 1,5 years I started looking for jobs in Germany and finally received an offer from a company called Quandoo and relocated to Germany in 2019. I lived there for 3 years with my family and experienced a worldwide pandemic first time in my life. After some time, I decided to refresh my ACM knowledge and study some algorithms to get to FAANG companies. It resulted in getting an offer from Meta and relocating to the United Kingdom. This is how I relocated three times in 5 years.

This website

This is the 4th iteration of my website/blog. I see it as a place to share something useful with my audience and at the same time a place to learn and do some creative stuff. I don't just rewrite it for no reason – every time I was doing a rewrite I use new tools and frameworks to accelerate my learning.

I should probably document this iteration(here should be a link to a blog post).

I hope you will find something interesting and useful for you. Thanks for checking in and happy exploring!